Lake District, England

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The Lake Districts is located in Northwest England. It is also know as The Lake and Lakeland. It is a mountainous region with many bodies of water. Of all the lakes in Lake District, only one of them has the word “lake” in the name. All the rest refer to the bodies of water as meres, waters, or reservoirs.

Lake District
There are 88 lakes in Lakeland. The Lake District has an area of 2000 sq. km.

Lake District AttractionsLake District Attractions:
The Lake District is a popular place to travel for the holidays. Obviously the major attractions are all of the lakes. A huge National Park was formed in 1951, called Lake District National Park. The deepest lake in the park is 243 feet deep! Other than its natural sights, Lake District has become popular in the poetry world. William Wadsworth wrote a poem based on a lake in the Lake District.

Troutbeck Lake DistrictHills and Valleys: Lake District which is the mountainous region of United Kingdom, offers beautiful sceneries to tourists. The stunning natural beauty of peaks and valleys is a feast for nature lovers.
On the right side is a photograph of Hills Of Troutbeck in Lake District England. If you are planning for a quiet and cosy honeymoon Lake District in UK is an excellent choice.

Lake District ClimateLake District Climate: Lake District is one of the wettest part of England. Reports show an average annual rainfall of over 80 inches. Because of the location of Lake District, some areas can get an average of 200 inches a year, and the other side of the region may only get 60 inches that same year. March and June are considered to be the dry months, while October to January is the wettest. The region has a maritime climate. Average temperature in the winter is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer is 59 degrees.

Lake District FactsLake District Facts & Figures: Cumbria, the county that Lake District is in has a population of 500,000 people. The National Lake District Park alone has over 42,000 people living within its boundaries. The official language in Lake District is English, although many residents have started their own dialect and added several words. The currency being used is the Pound Sterling, which one is equivalent to 1.6 USD.

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