The Ultimate Disneyworld Savings Guide Review

If you’re a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and the World of Disney in general, you probably dream of getting to spend an entire vacation at Disney World. Maybe you’ve already experienced that but yearn to do it again, only this time without spending a year’s salary to do so. If any of these descriptions fit you, there’s a way to get on the road to your personal slice of paradise. Beth Haworth, a former Disney World cast member, has written The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide Review to share with the world.

Magic of Disney WorldGranted, there have been so many eBooks on this subject that you probably have been taken in at least once or twice by them. You also probably found that there was really nothing of value in that information that you couldn’t have figured out on your own. This was most likely quite disappointing because, in this economy today, without some tips and cost savers, only the wealthy can actually afford to enjoy Disney World.
If you like eBooks that get straight to the point, you may be a bit put off by The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide Review initially. It’s not a quickly read book. In fact, it is 140 pages, which is considered a bit long for an eBook. Approximately 40 of these pages are just comments by readers that share how to use websites, sift through paperwork, and extra hints. So if you don’t like any fluff in your reading material, be forewarned. However, having said that, don’t let that put you off or you’ll miss some amazingly helpful information.
Choose a time where you’re not in a hurry to sit down and read this eBook. Be prepared that it’s not going to be a short read and get started. Once you’ve worked your way through it, you’ll be happy you took the time to read it.

What is inside The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide
What The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide book offers are tips, tricks and savings advice from an insider that promise to make your vacation at Disney World everything you want it to be at a fraction of the cost. Disney World Savings Guide Review

    • These include:

    • Ways to save on Disney ticket prices up to $500
    • How to find the best bargains both offline and online
    • All you need to know in getting your Disney tickets upgraded
    • How to get cheap air fare to Disney World
    • How to save huge when booking your accommodations
    • Learn when Orlando’s high and low price seasons are
    • Getting free shuttle service from the airport to your lodgings
    • Ways to slash food expenses yet still getting to eat good restaurants

And that’s just a PART of the things that Ms. Haworth shares with you!

The fun doesn’t stop there, either. Ordering The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide also gets you a unique discount code that lets you get Park Hopper tickets for 5, 7 and 10 days at the lowest price you’ll find online. Instructions are included on how to use the code.
All of is this is available to you at a price of only $29.95.

The Not So Good Parts about this Travel Guide
This ebook offers some high quality tips and suggestions and she does an amazing job in presenting it. However, rarely is anything perfect. That includes The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide.
The presentation of resources seems to be a bit overdone. In addition, it is actually much longer than it needs to be. With the length going on and on, it makes for parts of the book to be rather unenticing, if not completely boring, at times.
There are portions of the eBook that contain large sections of text. If they were separated into smaller paragraphs, it would make them more readable. It also makes it easier to block and print certain sections that you’d like to refer back to while planning your trip.

The Good Parts
Even though it is lengthy, the information supplied here is critical when it comes to saving money to all of the things you would expect to be doing on a Disney World vacation. This includes such things as lodging and amenities, meals, and Disney World gifts as well as in surrounding areas. It’s amazing at the amount of money you can save just by knowing how to do it.
The book begins with the topic of how to save money on lodging. You’ll find out how to do this at one of the resort hotels at Disney World, nearby rental lodgings, or even using holiday properties. Of course, each has it good points and bad points, which Ms. Haworth covers extensively.
Lodging is probably the most significant expense when you and your family go on vacation. This is true whether it’s at Disney World or at a close by beach. Ms. Haworth understands this and goes into great detail in covering all alternatives for housing and the best way to locate a great deal. You’ll even find cost tables that show charges for each of the periods of the year, such as high season, off season, and holiday season.
One of the many “insider secrets” that Ms. Haworth shares might just save you hundreds of dollars. Surprisingly enough, this tip involves staying at one of Disney World’s more costly resort hotels. It does require a little effort along with a small risk, but it is totally worth it.
You’ll learn about numerous ways to save money on your tickets to the park entrance. One of these methods to save on the 1 to 2 day tickets is to attend a time share sales pitch. Most people don’t want to waste some of their valuable vacation time sitting and listening to these. However, it’s typically only a 2 to 3 hour event and then you’ll have saved significantly on your tickets. You can actually get these tickets totally free by attending a timeshare presentation. That’s a great savings right there.
Ms. Haworth offers you even more savings on the multiple day tickets by using available add on choices. One of these is the Park Hopper add on. This gives you the chance to see the variety of Disney parks by using only 1 pass, and no expiration.
Another really great aspect of this eBook is that it’s updated monthly so you’ll always get the newest money saving strategies.

In Conclusion
The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is definitely a good deal, even with the few negative aspects of it. In reality, you may be able to locate some of the information in the book on your own by traveling the Internet for many hours at a time, but why do that when Beth Haworth has so kindly put it all together for you? In addition, if you’re serious about taking that Disney World vacation, this guide WILL save you tons of money that you can use for having even more fun while on your trip, certainly MUCH MORE than the mere $29.95 that you pay for this eBook!

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