Asia Travel Guide

Asia is a very popular travel destination among world tourists due to its rich culture and stunning natural beauty.  Some of the great wonders of the world can be seen inside the Asian continent. For travelers’, Asia provides a rich culture, a glace to ancient history and beautiful nature.

Top Travel Destinations in Asia
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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Asian is of course the Great Wall of China. The massive 25 feet wall extends to a length of around 1500 miles (2,414 kilometers) making it the biggest man made structure. The Great Wall of China has been said to be visible even in outer space, though there are conflicting opinions about this among researchers. The Great Wall China is built by the emperor Shihuangdi, the first emperor of Qin dynasty. Made out of stone and earth the Wall was erected to guard the city and defend themselves from northern invaders.

Terra-cotta Warriors and Soldiers Museum in Xi’an China, which is considered to be one of the world’s greatest archaeological find is another noteworthy travel destination in China. If you are interested in spiritual and religious travel spots, then you might want to go to go to Dunhang, where you can find the ancient Buddhist frescoes in caves. When you are in Beijing, China make sure that you are visiting the Forbidden City which is known as the Palace Museum in Beijing where you can find the former palaces of Chinese emperors. You should also a take a walk to Tiananmen Square, adjacent to the Forbidden City which is now s now a memorial of those whose lives were sacrificed during student demonstrations in 1989.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor Wat the centuries of old Hindu temple is one of the wonders of the ancient world and is a major archaeological spot situated in the northwest regions of Cambodia.

Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is located in India is another major tourist attractions for those who travel to Asia. The stunning monument made by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan is located in Agra, India. Shah Jahan built this amazing white marble as a memorial for his favorite wife Mumtaz and is considered as the symbol of love. There are several other archeological structures in Indian including numerous ancient temples, palaces and monuments.

A famous travel destination for leisure and fun, Thailand offers everything from sandy white beaches, misty mountains and vibrant night life to ancient Buddhist temples and ruins. Thailand which is known as Land of Smiles is ideal travel destination of a relaxed holiday trip in Asia.

The Philippines is another travel destination in Asian which offer a lot to travelers. You will love the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches of Boracay and the islands of Palawan and Bohol, where the world famous Tarsier and Chocolate Hills can be found.

Genting in Malaysia, Bali in Indonesia, Halong Bay in Vietnam etc are some of the other famous tourist destinations in Asia.