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Iguassu Falls, Argentina Brazil

Looking for travel information on Iguassu Falls, Argentina? Read the Iguassu Falls travel guide before you go.

Iguassu Falls, Argentina/Brazil:
Some of the most spectacular sights in South America lie on the border of Argentina and Brazil in the form of the horseshoe-shaped Iguassu Falls. The result of ancient volcanic eruptions, the falls are a UNESCO world natural heritage site. They are taller than Niagara and twice as wide, made up of 275 cascades spread over nearly two miles. Prepare to be astounded by the huge volume of water thundering down in a spectacle that famously led Eleanor Roosevelt to say “Poor Niagara”.

Iguassu Falls Brazil

Major attractions:
The Iguassu forest, Devils throat, the nearby Jesuit ruins, Itaipu Dam, Bird Park, The Three Landmarks.

Things to do at Iguassu Falls:
Thrill-seekers can go kayaking or even white water rafting; the less adventurous can take a boat ride underneath the falls. A helicopter tour over the falls will give you an unforgettable perspective; and be sure to take a Full Moon Walk.

Iguassu Falls Hotels:
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