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Sorrento, Italy

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Florence, Italy

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Venice, Italy

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Rome, Italy

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Rome in Italy is considered the home of culture, history, romance and beauty. A trip to Europe will never be complete unless you travel across the boundaries of Rome. Rome has been a place that keeps a lot of wonders and richness that a lot of people seek. When you visit Rome, you will feel any emptiness filled with satisfaction and pleasure.

There are a lot of reasons that will urge you to visit Rome, Italy. One of them is the different cities that display traditional and contemporary art. In addition, it is only in Rome that you can have a taste of the original Italian cuisine. From pastas, to pizzas to the best Italian wines, you will have all of them in Rome, Italy. You will also learn that Italians are advocates of health as you can experience the best thermal spas in this city. For any Roman Catholic, Rome is considered the city of their religion. Many historical basilicas are located in Rome. In addition, the pope is basically residing in Rome so a lot of religious beings travel to reach the place. If you are interested in spiritual places then you might want to go to Vatican City.

Rome AttractionsRome Tourist Attractions:
There are a lot of tourist attractions that you can go to in Rome. But before you go to any of them, you must have the Vatican City as your priority. The Vatican City or the Holy See is considered the heart of Rome. This was the place where St. Peter was buried, thus the St. Peter’s Basilica was built on it. It holds numerous museums and architectural sculptures. Rome is not only known for religion but also for fashion. The finest designers and their masterpieces are also displayed in Rome. You must try to walk along the runway of Piazza di Spagna, where the world renowned boutiques are situated. It also has the famous Spanish steps.

If you want to be part of roman history, you must visit the great Coliseum. The Coliseum is the place where the roman gladiators had their traditional fights in front of large crowds. Just imagine how much streaks of blood and courage where in the place. Meanwhile, the Roman Forum is the structure that represents the political regime and economic success of ancient Rome. Lastly, the Pantheon is another historical structure that signifies the rich literature of Rome.
The Pantheon has been considered the temple of the Roman gods and goddesses.

Rome ClimateRome Climate: The climate of Roma is a combination of Mediterranean climate and temperate climate which means that it has summer, winter and spring as its main seasons. The climate is generally favorable throughout the year so you can visit the place anytime you want.

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