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Top Travel Destinations 2011

The Best 10 Travel Destinations in the world for 2011

When the new year rolls around it is always time to check out what the top travel destinations from the previous year were and what the new top 10 travel destinations are going to be. Many things can change over the course of a year and when things change so do the travel plans of those that are planning to get away. Airlines go out of business or merge making traveling to some destinations easier or harder, hotels and resorts close and open their doors in certain areas, and, of course, climate changes happen along with natural disasters. Here are the top 10 travel destinations for 2011:

10. Boracay, The Phillippines
This is a bit of a remote area that most travelers have never been to or even considered going to. However, in Boracay the beaches are absolutely beautiful and full of soft white sand. The water of the ocean is absolutely every shade of blue you could think of. The island is so small and charming that you could literally walk the length of it before breakfast. This is a great destination for relaxation and for getting away from the daily hustle and bustle.

9. Venice, Italy
Venice has been on the top destinations lists for years and rightfully so. This is a historic and magical place that everybody should travel to at some point in their life. You can take a gondola ride and enjoy coffee at Florian’s as you spend time watching other people pass by on Saint Mark’s Square. There are many beautiful churches and old buildings to enjoy and this is a true tourist destination.

8. Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn might be an area you are not very familiar with, but this is the capital of Estonia and it is well known for its’ love of song and celebration. The culture includes music, dance, and art being celebrated nearly every single day. There are Rooftop film screenings, numerous festivals, many urban games, and even guided landmark walks that you can enjoy. The year 2011 is the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Estonia, which means the festivals will be in full swing and will not just be confined to Tallinn.

7. Atlanta, GA, USA
One of the major reasons that Atlanta is a top destination is due to Southwest and Airtran merging together to form one airline. This will open up many new flights to Atlanta that will cost very little compared to the prices right now. Atlanta is also featuring the Georgia Aquarium this year with a 1.3 million gallon dolphin exhibit. The Legoland Discovery Centre will also be opening in Atlanta in the spring. Another new and interesting attraction will be the Pirate Museum full of treasures and artifact that will make its’ home near Centennial Olympic Park.

This is all on top of the already popular Atlanta Hawks, who are experiences success this year, and the Atlanta Braves. There is also an even known as Dragon Con in the fall, which is known as one of the largest Comic Conventions in the world.

6. Japan
Japan is slowly becoming more accessable by air and by land. This makes it much easier to travel to Japan and enjoy one of their many cultural festivals. There is a new open skies agreement between Japan and the United STates, which will make it much easier to book a flight to Japan this year. If you are a sushi lover or just facinated with the Japanese culture, then you need to look into all the new and less expensive ways you can visit Japan and the Ninja-Proof Castle this year.

5. Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland
If you are looking for Cosmopolitan air, then Kinsale is the place for you. If you travel over to Ireland and you miss out on some of the best scenery in the entire country by not visitng Kinsale, then you really didn’t get to see Ireland. Kinsale is known for very diverse culinary delights and the fantastic sailing. This is a villiage full of fantastic restaurants, quirky shops, an old fort, The Irish ‘craic’, and most importantly welcoming bars.

4. Curacao
The year of 2011 will mark the first full year that Curacao can be considered a nation. One of the first orders of business for Curacao is to get the Americans and the Canadians to travel and stay on the island. And why not, considering this island has very warm waters, colorful architecture, and truly has the Caribbean feel of relaxation that many travelers are looking for.

3. New York City
This year in October is the 125th birthday of the Statue of Liberty, Carnegie Hall celebrates 120 years with a gala anniversary event in the Spring, and the New York Public Library is turning 100. All this in one year, along with the normal appeal of the Big Apple. There is always a Yankees game to go enjoy or simply take a walk through Times Square. Plus who can forget that the last day of 2011 will once again be a Huge party to celebrate.

2011 also marks the 10 anniversary of the tragic 9-11 and this event will be commemorated with the opening of the National September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero.

2. Bay Of Fire, Tasmania
Just the name says it all, “Bay of Fire”. It sound exotic and you have probably never even heard of it. Most likely you saw Tasmania and started to think about the Tasmanian devil cartoon. However, this is one of the least discovered paradises of the world. It is off the coast of Saint Helen’s, which is a small whaling town, and is a much lesser traveled to area of Tasmania. It features crystal clear waters, clean and sandy beaches, and some very cozy little cottages that are for rent right on the shoreline. This is a true island getaway without all the commercialization and tall buildings.

1. Basque Country, France and Spain
There is so much to see in both France and Spain that it would be wrong for the Basque Country not to be the top travel destination of 2011. The best part is it will not break your bank to travel to the Basque Country and this is one of the most beautiful areas of both France and Spain. Plus since it is so close to both the countries, if you have time, you can visit many historic areas along with seeing the beauty of the Basque Countryside.

Dubai, UAE

Thinking of going to Dubai, UAE? See our Dubai tour guide before you arrive the destination.

Located in the southern part of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven Arabic Emirates. Nowadays aside from popular resort city it has become one of the most important business locations in the Middle East. Modern building towers over ancient historical landmarks. It is the home to some of the most exquisite hotels on the planet some reaching a rating of up to seven stars! Dubai is the place where the rich come and play.

Dubai AttractionsDubai Attractions:
The main tourist attraction in Dubai is shopping. It is a home to over seventy shopping malls including the 7th largest mall in the world – the Dubai Mall. It is deemed the shopping capital of the Middle East and goods range from designer brand shoes and clothes, to more traditional items and local produce. A thing to note here is that many of the things sold do not have a fixed price. Burj DubaiCustomers and sellers usually negotiate the price of the item sold, which over the years has become a tradition.

Dubai has a variety of parks, both large and small, which are a part of a project created to increase the local fauna. The more popular include the Creekside Park, Safa Park, Al Mumzar Beach Park and Wild Wadi Water Park. Desert Safari is also a popular activity among the tourists that visit the city but want to get away from its streets. For those with interest in history the Dubai Museum hosts a variety of exhibits and historical artifacts.

Dubai Palm Tree Island: Luxury Holidays at it’s best
Dubai Palm Tree Island

Dubai at Night: Night life is active at Dubai. At night Dubai turns into a city of gold with lights burning around the city. The magnificent view of Dubai at night can be seen below.

Dubai CityDubai Night

Dubai Weather and Best time to Visit

Dubai Climate

Dubai Climate:
Because of its desert climate, Dubai summers are extremely hot, reaching over 40 degrees Celsius during the day. At night the temperatures drop to approximately 30 degrees. During the wintertime the weather is fair with highs in the low twenties.
Best Time to Vist: The best time to visit Dubai is in late autumn or early spring without risking sunstroke in the blazing heat.

Dubai Hotels:
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Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is one of the largest Spanish cities. It is located near the French border and is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular tourist hotspot because of its clear blue water and sandy beaches and because of the city’s historical monuments. It is also a place where young people come to party and have fun.

Barcelona ClimateClimate:Because of its location in Western Europe, the climate in Barcelona is deemed as mild. It has distinct four seasons, with summer being the best time to visit the city.

Barcelona Travel Tips: Because it is the capital of Catalunya, aside from Spanish, Catalan is also spoken widely. While some people understand English it is still a good idea to know a bit of Spanish or have a translator guide handy when vacationing there.

Barcelona AttractionsBarcelona Tourist Attractions: Barcelona beaches have long been a place of interest for those who decide to vacation there.
Barcelona Nude BeachBeach Holidays: Barcelona is a sea resort that offers four distinct beaches. The largest and most populated one is called the Barceloneta. However, it can become rather crowded in the summer so a good choice might be one of the following: the Icaria beach, the Stiges beach and for those who prefer to walk in the nude – the Mar Bella beach which is a nudist beach.

The famous Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia

Some of the more famous tourist attractions include Sagrada Familia designed by architect Antonio Gaudi, the Barcelona Aquarium and of course the Barcelona FC Museums which represents soccer throughout history. There are plenty of museums like the Picasso Museum, the Miro Museum and many others worth seeing.

La Merce FestuvalEvents & Festivals:
Different events occur throughout the year in Barcelona. One of them is La Merce which is a five day celebration in September in honor of Mare de Deu de la Merce – the patron saint of the city. During this time the streets are filled with people and tourists who are trying to capture the moments in camera.
Jazz Festival:
The Barcelona Jazz festival is another event that gathers thousands of jazz fans October through December.

Barcelona Hotels:
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Hawaii, USA

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Hawaii – the dream islands
Hawaii is the United States of America’s newest state and the only one comprised entirely of islands. It is a favorite place for vacation among the Americans and because of its location and weather tourists pour from all over the world all year round. The Hawaiian island chain is comprised of hundreds of islands, with Hawaii being the largest of them all. The capital, Honolulu, is however on the island of O’ahu.

Hawaii Beach
Hawaii ClimateHawaii Climate:
Hawaii is located in the mid-Pacific Ocean. Due to its location in the tropics weather is warm all year round, making it the perfect destination for that winter holiday. Often volcanic eruptions are of interest to geologists from all over the world. Yet nothing beats the clear azure waters, the sunny blue skies and golden sandy beaches of these islands of paradise.

Hawaii AttractionsHawaii Attractions: Hawaii, because of its attractive location, has become a major tourists spot, and sports hundreds of hotels offering thousands of commodities. Whether one wants a house on the beach or a luxurious penthouse, the traveler can find anything to suit their taste. Hula Dancers It is a choice location for surfers with many surfing tournaments taking place there during the dry season.
Hawaiian Hula Dance:
The hula dancers have become a staple in Hawaiian culture, wearing bright skirts with floral designs and often displayed in cartoons with coconut bras. Watching beautiful dancers moving their body along the rhythm of Hawaiian music is a great experience.

Flora & Fauna:
For the tourists looking to explore the flora and fauna of the islands there are plenty of options. Humpback whale migrations are a primary point of interest and happen during December.
Hawaii Turtles

Hawaii Honeymoon:
Hawaii is the honeymoon location of choice for many newlyweds because of its remote private beaches that sport small houses right near the waterfront.

Hawaii Honeymoon Travel
Hawaii Food:
Hawaii is popular with its cuisine that largely contains sea food and fruity flavored dishes. Restaurants to visit are Alan Wong’s restaurant, Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurant, the Mala Ocean Tavern in Maui and many others.

Hawaii Pics:
Hawaii Molokini Hawaii Pics

Hawaii Hotels:
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Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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The Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s Pride, Nature’s Gift of Paradise
Warm waters, vast biodiversity, and breathtaking beauty-Australia takes pride on its national treasure, The Great Barrier Reef. Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, it stretches over 344,400 square kilometers area and is “the only living organic collective visible from outer space“.
Great Barrier Reef Australia
The Great Barrier Reef consists of over 3000 reef systems and coral cays with hundred of beautiful islands resting on its waters. As a sanctuary to various marine life, the reef has been dubbed as a World Heritage site in 1981 and considered as one of the Seven natural World’s Wonders.
Truly a natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef has made Australia one of the best places to visit especially when it comes to underwater adventure. It has become the largest commercial activity, concentrating tourism at Whitsundays Islands and Cairns. Marine tourism has been a major contributor to Australia’s economy, generating over $4 billion dollar per year since 2003.

Among the places in Queensland, Whitsundays Islands is one of the most visited places by tourist yearly. Between March 2008 and March 2009 it received about 700,000 visitors.
Great Barrier Reef
The islands of the Great barrier Reef has been said to have redefined the idea of paradise. Among the islands that promise tourists excellent relaxation are Daydream Island, Hayman Island and Lindeman Island.
The city of Cairns is considered as the fourth-most popular tourist destination in Australia. It has contributed greatly to Australia’s economy, noted by Tourism Australia. The city is one of the most sophisticated and modern cities but it is a blend of traditional style with modern style giving people a preview of what it looked like throughout the times.

The tropical climate in Great Barrier Reef has average temperatures of 24 to 33 degrees Celsius during summers and 14 to 26 digress during winters. It has only two season: the “green”, which stretches from the first rains (November till the end of May), and the “dry”. For those who wish visit the Reef, the best time is during April to November – boat riding or swimming are great activities with the water warm.
This is one of the great places to enjoy marine life.
Truly the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best tourist destinations for those who seek an adventure worth telling across years.

Great Barrier Reef Hotels:
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Paris, France

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With the vast amounts of history and art Paris has become the must see city in Europe for any self respecting tourist. Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, it offers people a large number of activities for every interest no matter what their age. Aside from being home to many historical landmarks, it is also known as the City of Life – la ville the lumiere, as well as the City of Fashion.

Paris Holidays
Photo by: Benh LIEU SONG

Paris Tourist AttractionsParis Attractions
Paris is the home of many monuments of historical importance that have now become some of the most famous tourist attractions.
Eiffel Tower, Paris: The pride of Paris is the Eiffel tower which has now become a symbol of the city and is a must see for everyone that sets foot in the city of romance.
Versailles, Paris
Chateau de Versailles, Paris:
The Chateau de Versailles is France’s most exquisite piece of renaissance architecture, known for its grand size, multiple rooms and lovely gardens.

Other must see places are the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, la Opera Garnier, the Pantheon, the Catacombs and many others.
Paris Louvre Museum
Paris also boasts a variety of museums that help represent different sides of history. The most famous one is the Louvre, which is the current home of the Mona Lisa among other famous paintings. One can’t go wrong when visiting the Picasso museum which shelters Pablo Picasso’s many works of art. The Paris museums have become a home to the paintings of many famous historical artists.

Paris WeatherParis Climate : Paris is gorgeous all year round. Because of its location is has a mild European climate with winters being rather cold, while summers are warm and sunny. The best time to visit Paris is summer time. But as different events ranging from French tradition to the modern Fashion week, it is a city full of tourists throughout the year.
Paris Hotels:
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