Paphos, Cyprus

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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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Benidorm, Spain

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Benidorm is a coastal town located in the province of Alicante in Spain. Benidorm is not only popular for its white sandy beaches but also for the high-rise buildings. This small coastal town in Spain has the most skyscrapers per capita in the world.

Benidorm Beach

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Cannes, France

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Chamonix, France

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Costa Del Sol, Spain

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Costa Del Sol Travel Guide :
Costa Del Sol is located in the Southern part of Spain. It is located in the province of Malaga. Malaga City is the hub of the whole Costa Del Sol. It is a very mountainous region. It contains 161 km of coastline with plenty of beautiful beaches which makes Costa Del Sol an ideal travel destination for beach holiday lovers.
It’s divided into the Eastern Costa Del Sol and the Western Costa Del Sol.

Costa Del Sol AttractionsCosta Del Sol Attractions:
Costa Del Sol is known for its fishing industry. Costa Del Sol is one of the top tourist places due to it’s beaches and pleasant climate.
Costa Del Dol BeachCosta Del Sol Beach Holidays
With 161 km of coastline, there are plenty of beaches to choose from.

Spain has a very artistic and architectural heritage. There are many museums that house Spain’s arts. There are ancient ruins to see in the area. You can also view their immaculate cathedrals, limestone formations, castles, fortresses, Picasso’s home, or watch their national sport in action, bull fighting.

Costa Del Sol ClimateClimate:
The climate on the coastal area of the Costa Del Sol is what attracts the tourists. The area has a mean temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the year, the temperature ranges from 57 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The coastal region averages around 20 inches of rainfall a year. The Costa Del Sol area lies lower than the inward land and is protected from the wind and cooler temperatures. On average, there is 300 sunny days a year at Costa Del Sol.
The official language is Spanish and English is the secondary language. The population of the area is 600,000 people. The currency in Spain is the Euro. The International Airport of Málaga-Pablo Ruiz Picasso is 8km from Málaga City

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Seychelles, Africa

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Seychells is famous for Stunning Beaches Photo by: Tobias Alt

Seychelles Beach Vacation

Seychelles Beach Holidays
La Digue Island, Seychelles   Photo by: Martin210
La Digue Island, Seychelles

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Malta, so Small But Unforgettable

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Malta, so small, but unforgettable!

Malta is one of the prettiest countries in the world. It is located on an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the smallest European countries. The beautiful island attracts many tourists with its wonderful nature and attractions.

Malta Tourist AttractionsMalta Attractions: If you want to spend many fantastic nights and to be part of the nightlife of Malta, then you should rent a room in some of the hotels in Sliema, Paceville or San Gillian. There you will have a lot of fun in the local bars and discotheques. The modern life in the country is awesome, but do not forget to visit and many cultural heritages, that can be seen there. Try to visit the old capital of the country – Mdina. It is called by the local people the Silent city. There are many historical remains and buildings which you will remember till the rest of your life. You can visit the beautiful St. Pauls’s Cathedral, Mdina dungeons or sit down and have a cup of great coffee in some of the coffee shops around the city’s squares. You can also visit Taali craft center where the local masters will show you the secrets of hand made glass manufacturing process and how to make high quality silver jewelry.

Take a walk in the modern capital of Malta – Valletta. The city is built in the middle of the XVI century by the Knights of the Order of St. John. You will see many buildings with exquisite decoration, impressive churches and impressive palaces of XVI, XVII and XVIII century in Valletta… Among the monuments of the past stands St. John the Baptist Cathedral, which kept grandiose picture of the Italian painter Caravaggio – “The beheading of St. John the Baptist”

Charming, quiet, and greener than Malta is the second largest island called Gozo. It is also very popular and visited place which deserves your attention. You can make a tour which crosses almost the entire northwest coast of the island of Malta to the port Chirkaua and you can take a ferry to Gozo. For less than 20 minutes the ferry will reach the island and you will be amazed how wonderful is that place. Gozo is the island of Calypso – the nymph, who charmed with her songs Odyssey for whole 7 years. It is very recommend for you to visit the Citadel, where you can enjoy phenomenal panoramic views over the whole island. There are located the oldest outside megalithic monuments in the world.

Do not forget to make a trip to Bugibba – one of the most popular resorts in Malta. There are many cozy restaurants in typical Maltese style, where you can taste the local cuisine, sign in in wine tasting events, accompanied by typical Maltese appetizers and cheeses. Try also “Pasta night”, a dinner for romantics, tempted by the Italian specialties in an atmosphere of subdued lighting and candles, soft music and good mood.

Malta ClimateBest Time to Visit Malta
The best time to visit Malta is during the summer. Scuba diving, surfing and a lot of fun on the beaches of Malta are guaranteed.

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Cairns, Australia

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Cairns is located in the far north of Australia in the Australian state of Queensland. Cairns is 32 miles in area from North to South. Some of the city is located on flood plains. It is a major commercial city for that region of Australia.
Cairns was originally developed for miners and than turned into a popular exporting site. Now it has become a tourist destination, making tourism its largest industry, with sugar production its second industry.
Cairns Australia

Cairns AttractionsCairns Attractions:
Cairns is so popular to tourists due to the tropical climate and its closeness to certain major tourist attractions.
Great Barrier Reef: It is only an hour’s boat ride from the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the best spot to scuba dive.
Cairns Skyrail Tropical Rainforests: Some people go there to see the tropical rainforests in the nearby national parks. Some national parks that are close are Daintree National Park, Rainforestation Nature Park, and Kuranda Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.
The Skyrail which will take you over the 7.5km of pristine rainforest in cable car cabins just a few metres above the rainforest canopy gives you the opportunity to be in the middle of world heritage tropical rainforest.
Things to Do in Cairns: There are several tours operating from Cairns to near by attractions including cruise trips to Great Barrier Reef. Cairns BalloonWhen you are in Cairns go to the artificial lagoon for swimming.
Hot Air Ballooning: Take a ride in a hot air balloon to enjoy the stunning panoramic views and spot Australian wildlife from the air.

Cairns ClimateCairns Climate:
Cairns has a tropical monsoon climate. Their wet season is from November to May, with a dryer season of June to October. The mean rainfall is 78 inches per year. Throughout the year, the temperatures range from 63 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Cairns has hot humid summers and very mild winters. Cairns is prone to having tornados, and its cyclone season is between November and May. The last major cyclone was in March 2006.

Cairns Facts & FiguresCairns Tourist Information:
The official language is English, with much slang usage. Cairns International Airport is only 4 miles from Cairns. The population of Cairns is 122,731. The currency is Australian dollars. The current currency exchange is 1 Australian dollar to 93 cents of an American dollar and 73 cents of a Euro.

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La Digue, Seychelles

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