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Honduras- beautiful country with great history

The clear blue waters, ancient ruins and the green hills and jungle of Honduras are just some of the reasons to choose the country as your favorite travel destination. Such a trip to not so visited place in Central America will give you great possibilities to enjoy the wonderful and untouched nature and learn more about the local traditions and customs. The life there is really simple and inspiring, something which will easily make you to forget about the daily stress and awful tasks.

Honduras Copan
The territory of Honduras covers more than 110 000 km ² and consists many mountains, jungles and narrow plains along the coast. Once you are there, you can visit the wonderful Natural Park “Rio Platano” which is part of UNESCO World Heritage and the beautiful Coco River, which is a border of Honduras with Nicaragua.

The lands of the modern Honduras were inhabited by many Indians tribes, many of which were part of the great Mayan Empire. Honduras was discovered for the world by Christopher Columbus in 1502 year, but the Spaniards conquered the land in 1524.

Honduras Tourist AttractionsHonduras Attractions:
Beach Holidays: If you love the water attractions and you do not mind crowds of tourists, then you can visit Roatan, Honduras. This is a place with fantastic white beaches and great diving opportunities, some of the best in the whole Caribbean region. Nowadays, many tourists visit the city in searching for pleasant time and a lot of fun.

Nature Lovers: You can visit the National Park “Punta Sal”, Honduras. The nature is magnificent and you can see many dolphins playing in secret bays, monkeys hanging from the trees and many other incredible animals and views. It is really great cultural and natural adventure.

Historical Sites: You can also visit the famous ruins of Copan, another great discovery and proof about the greatness of the Mayan civilization. Giant sculptures and magical ruins will make you think about the values in life and you will definitely change your opinion about the surrounding world. It will be a little bit hard for you to reach the ruins because they are hardly accessible, but believe me, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Honduras WeatherHonduras Climate:
The favorable climatic conditions in Honduras make the country one of the leaders in the production of tropical fruits. You can visit many banana plantations and see with your own eyes how is developed the production process. You can learn many stories about the great past of the country. You can also swim and rafting in many of the Honduras rivers. The conditions are perfect for such kind of extreme sports, the only problem you maybe will face is the carrying of all the gear and boats. But do not worry too much. You can hire the local people to help and guide you. It will not cost you a lot of money, because as you probably know, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. This is the reason why you will save a lot of money for hotels and transportation. You can find many products ten times cheaper than in your country. The standard is different and this is great benefit for you. Cheap and amazing vacation.

As you see, there are many great and beautiful places in Honduras. Plan your summer vacation there and you will face the wonderful past of the Mayan Empire in its modern shape. Honduras is a great country with beautiful nature and friendly people. Be ready for adventure.

Barcelona, Spain

Traveling to Barcelona, Spain? Check out our Barcelona tour information before you go.
Barcelona is one of the largest Spanish cities. It is located near the French border and is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular tourist hotspot because of its clear blue water and sandy beaches and because of the city’s historical monuments. It is also a place where young people come to party and have fun.

Barcelona ClimateClimate:Because of its location in Western Europe, the climate in Barcelona is deemed as mild. It has distinct four seasons, with summer being the best time to visit the city.

Barcelona Travel Tips: Because it is the capital of Catalunya, aside from Spanish, Catalan is also spoken widely. While some people understand English it is still a good idea to know a bit of Spanish or have a translator guide handy when vacationing there.

Barcelona AttractionsBarcelona Tourist Attractions: Barcelona beaches have long been a place of interest for those who decide to vacation there.
Barcelona Nude BeachBeach Holidays: Barcelona is a sea resort that offers four distinct beaches. The largest and most populated one is called the Barceloneta. However, it can become rather crowded in the summer so a good choice might be one of the following: the Icaria beach, the Stiges beach and for those who prefer to walk in the nude – the Mar Bella beach which is a nudist beach.

The famous Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia

Some of the more famous tourist attractions include Sagrada Familia designed by architect Antonio Gaudi, the Barcelona Aquarium and of course the Barcelona FC Museums which represents soccer throughout history. There are plenty of museums like the Picasso Museum, the Miro Museum and many others worth seeing.

La Merce FestuvalEvents & Festivals:
Different events occur throughout the year in Barcelona. One of them is La Merce which is a five day celebration in September in honor of Mare de Deu de la Merce – the patron saint of the city. During this time the streets are filled with people and tourists who are trying to capture the moments in camera.
Jazz Festival:
The Barcelona Jazz festival is another event that gathers thousands of jazz fans October through December.

Barcelona Hotels:
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Rome, Italy

Looking for travel information on Rome, Italy? Read the Rome tour information before you visit Italy.

Rome in Italy is considered the home of culture, history, romance and beauty. A trip to Europe will never be complete unless you travel across the boundaries of Rome. Rome has been a place that keeps a lot of wonders and richness that a lot of people seek. When you visit Rome, you will feel any emptiness filled with satisfaction and pleasure.

There are a lot of reasons that will urge you to visit Rome, Italy. One of them is the different cities that display traditional and contemporary art. In addition, it is only in Rome that you can have a taste of the original Italian cuisine. From pastas, to pizzas to the best Italian wines, you will have all of them in Rome, Italy. You will also learn that Italians are advocates of health as you can experience the best thermal spas in this city. For any Roman Catholic, Rome is considered the city of their religion. Many historical basilicas are located in Rome. In addition, the pope is basically residing in Rome so a lot of religious beings travel to reach the place. If you are interested in spiritual places then you might want to go to Vatican City.

Rome AttractionsRome Tourist Attractions:
There are a lot of tourist attractions that you can go to in Rome. But before you go to any of them, you must have the Vatican City as your priority. The Vatican City or the Holy See is considered the heart of Rome. This was the place where St. Peter was buried, thus the St. Peter’s Basilica was built on it. It holds numerous museums and architectural sculptures. Rome is not only known for religion but also for fashion. The finest designers and their masterpieces are also displayed in Rome. You must try to walk along the runway of Piazza di Spagna, where the world renowned boutiques are situated. It also has the famous Spanish steps.

If you want to be part of roman history, you must visit the great Coliseum. The Coliseum is the place where the roman gladiators had their traditional fights in front of large crowds. Just imagine how much streaks of blood and courage where in the place. Meanwhile, the Roman Forum is the structure that represents the political regime and economic success of ancient Rome. Lastly, the Pantheon is another historical structure that signifies the rich literature of Rome.
The Pantheon has been considered the temple of the Roman gods and goddesses.

Rome ClimateRome Climate: The climate of Roma is a combination of Mediterranean climate and temperate climate which means that it has summer, winter and spring as its main seasons. The climate is generally favorable throughout the year so you can visit the place anytime you want.

Rome Hotels:
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Goa, India

Goa Overview:
Silver sands, sparkling blue waters, the sky mirroring the sea below, white churches resting against green paddy fields and coconut trees lining the coastal streets. Goa is a place you can fall in love with at first glance.

There’s much more to Goa than sun, sand and sea. The allure of Goa is that it remains quite distinct from the rest of India and is small enough to be grasped and explored in a way that other Indian states are not.

Goa India
Goa became one of the youngest Indian states after 451 years of colonial rule and 26 years as Union territory. Its history dates back to the 3rd century when it belonged to the Mauryas, followed by the rule of the Satvahanas, Chalukyas, the Shilharas and Kadambas. In 1312, Goa fell into the hands of the Muslims. The Portuguese took over in 1510, ending the Muslim rule. Apart from a brief spell during the Napoleonic wars, when the British briefly occupied Goa, the Portuguese were the masters of Goa till 1961, when they were finally driven out.

450 years under Portuguese domination produced a unique blend of East and West that is both exotic and strangely familiar. Christmas and Carnival are celebrated as enthusiastically as Diwali and Durga Puja. The state’s separate identity is also visible in its Latinate architecture and preference for a fish- and meat-rich cuisine. Another marked difference is the prevalence of alcohol, which is cheap in the state and is widely available.

Panaji, Goa’s capital since 1843, is among the most pleasant Indian capitals. Most people use it as a link to old Goa or to the beaches, but it’s worth a visit. The atmosphere is easygoing and the people are friendly. In the oldest part of the town, the Portuguese heritage is evident: broad avenues spilling into cobbled squares, grand public buildings, old houses with overhanging balconies and numerous bars and cafes.

On the coast itself, coconut cultivation and fishing are the major sources of income. But, tourism is the main money-spinner and the majority of the population is engaged in related business.

Places To Visit in Goa:

Mapusa – 13kms from Panaji, Mapusa is a small town in north Goa. People from all over Goa come here to buy and sell their wares in the famous Friday market.

Margao (Madgaon) – is the second largest city in Goa and a commercial metropolis. Margao an 18 km stretch of silvery sand: Palolean, Betul and Colva. Other interesting places around Margao are Chandreshwar Bhutnath temple and the Rachol Seminary.

Vasco-Da-Gama – This coastal town popularly known as Vasco was originally called Sambhaji. This well planned city is also the railway terminus for passenger service. Goa’s only airport, Dabolim is also 4km from Vasco, at the other end.

Ponda – is also called Antruz Mahal because of the concentration of culture, music, drama and poetry. This town also has many temples – Shri Gopal Ganapati Temple, Mahalakshmi temple, Shri Nagesh temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Shri Mangesh temple and the Safe Shahouri Masjid.

Old Goa – is the state’s showpiece and the only remnant of the Portuguese. In the 1500s, it was the largest and most flourishing of the great Asian cities. The monuments and cathedrals today represent just a fraction of the urban development that was Old Goa.

Se Cathedral at Old Goa: The largest church in Asia, the cathedral in Old Goa, is a mighty 16th century monument to the Roman Catholic rule of Goa under the Portuguese. Its huge Golden Bell is the biggest in the world. It has 14 side chapels; the last chapel, in Mauresque style, preserves a cross upon which a vision of Christ is said to have appeared in 1919.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi at Old Goa – Built in pure Manueline style, the interior is adorned with a profusion of carvings and exquisite paintings. The convent at the back of this church is now the Archaeological Museum. It houses many portraits of the Portuguese Viceroys and fragments of sculpture from Hindu temple sites in Goa.

Bom Jesus Basilica – Partially in ruins but awesome still, it is a fine example of Jesuit architecture. The church’s most precious relic is the embalmed body of St. Francis Xavier entombed in a marble mausoleum presented by the Duke of Tuscany, who received the Saint’s pillow in exchange. Once every 10 years, the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier are exposed for public veneration. It was last exposed in 1994.

Aguada Fort: This Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1609-1612 to control the entry into the river Mandovi and to protect Old Goa from potential enemy attacks. A spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that called there. The fort presently houses the Central Jail.

Cabo Fort (Raj Bhavan) – 9 km from Panaji, the Cabo Fort lies on the peninsula at Dona Paula, which juts into the Arabian Sea. Initially during the Portuguese era, a Franciscan Convent, was attached to the fort. This later became Coba Palace and is now the Governor’s residence.

Chapora Fort – Located 10 km outside Mapusa, this fort has a splendid view of nearby Anjuna and Vagator beaches. The fort, which belonged to Muslim rulers before the Portuguese wrested it, has some interesting ruins.

Terekhol (Tiracol) Fort – 42 km. away from Panaji, at the northernmost tip of Goa’s shoreline, at the mouth of the river Terekhol, stands the Terekhol Fort. In its courtyard is the century-old church of St. Anthony. It is now a tourist resort.

Rachol Museum of Christian Art – About 7 km east of Margao, is the Rachol seminary. Its main attraction, the Christian art museum is the only one of its kind in South Asia. It was set up by the Indian National Trust for Architecture and Cultural Heritage and the Gulbenkian Foundation of Portugal. The Museum has an amazing collection of artefacts from Goa’s churches and chapels, private collections and donations.

Kerkar Art Complex – in Calangute is the only art gallery of its kind on this beach strip. The gallery stocks a wide variety of art, as well as arts and crafts done by local artistes. Concerts of Indian classical music and dance are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Goa Facts:

Population: Approximately 12,00,000

Climate: Summers are particularly hot and the monsoons heavy. Winters are pleasant during the days and cool during the nights.

Main Language(s): Konkani, Hindi and English

Time Zone: GMT + 05:30

Phone Area Code: 0832

Best Time To Visit: Goa is best experienced during the winter months between October and the end of February. The famous Mardi Gras Carnival happens in February and is a fabulous experience. The tourist season starts in November and goes on till March. January, February and March are the best months for Hindu festivals and celebrations. January has the colourful festival of Shantadurga Prasann, February the three day zatra of Shri Mangesh, and in March is the festival of Holi, called Shigmo.

Airport Distance from City Center: 30 kms

Taxi Rates from Airport to City: Most 5 star hotels have complimentary services. Taxi ervices available Rs. 350 flat rate to Panaji city centre

Map of Goa, India

Mallorca, Spain

Are you planning to visit Mallorca, Spain? Read our Mallorca tour information before you leave.
Mallorca Holidays – Overview:
Mallorca is one of the biggest islands in the Balearic Island archipelagos in Spain. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca has a mass of 3460 square km. It has 550 km of coastline. Most of the Northwest and the Eastern regions is mountainous.

Mallorca AttractionsMellorca Tourist Attractions: Mallorca has 39 popular beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. Besides just the beaches, Mallorca is known for its architectural sights, like most of Spain is. It has exquisite cathedrals and structures throughout the island. They have a popular Jazz festival that takes place annually. Mallorca also has their version of the Grand Canyon. You can golf on the beautiful coastal courses or tour their leather factories.

Stunning Caves: Mallorca underground caves with lakes are major tourist attractions. Although there are around 200 such caves in and around Mallorca, only few are open for tourists.

Marineland Amusement Park: The dolphin show at Marineland water theme park is something which you don’t want to miss. Other attractions in this water theme park at Mellorca include sea lion show and parrots show.

Mallorca Photos

Cathedral Palma at Mallorca, Spain
Palma Cathedral Mallorca

While you are at Mellorca try the local cuisine and definitely the wine. Mallorca has a lively nightlife. Most locals go out late at night until the early mornings.

Mallorca InformationMallorca Facts: In Spain, they have two official languages that are taught in schools. These languages are Spanish and Catalan. In Mallorca they speak a dialect that is called Mallorquin. Mallorquin is based on the sub-dialect of Balear which is a type of Catalan. In the more densely populated tourist areas, people speak English, French, and German. There is an airport right on Mallorca in the mid-western part of the island called Palma de Mallorca. The population is 702,000. Around 5 million tourists visit the area a year. The currency is the Euro, which 1 Euro equals 1.33 USD.

Climate and Best Time to Visit MallorcaMallorca Climate:
Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate. The rainy season is in October and November with a 430mm average. May to October is good times to visit, with July and August being fairly crowded due to tourists. Mallorca’s minimum temperature is 46 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum average temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mallorca Hotels:
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Map of Mallorca, Spain