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Honduras- beautiful country with great history

The clear blue waters, ancient ruins and the green hills and jungle of Honduras are just some of the reasons to choose the country as your favorite travel destination. Such a trip to not so visited place in Central America will give you great possibilities to enjoy the wonderful and untouched nature and learn more about the local traditions and customs. The life there is really simple and inspiring, something which will easily make you to forget about the daily stress and awful tasks.

Honduras Copan
The territory of Honduras covers more than 110 000 km ² and consists many mountains, jungles and narrow plains along the coast. Once you are there, you can visit the wonderful Natural Park “Rio Platano” which is part of UNESCO World Heritage and the beautiful Coco River, which is a border of Honduras with Nicaragua.

The lands of the modern Honduras were inhabited by many Indians tribes, many of which were part of the great Mayan Empire. Honduras was discovered for the world by Christopher Columbus in 1502 year, but the Spaniards conquered the land in 1524.

Honduras Tourist AttractionsHonduras Attractions:
Beach Holidays: If you love the water attractions and you do not mind crowds of tourists, then you can visit Roatan, Honduras. This is a place with fantastic white beaches and great diving opportunities, some of the best in the whole Caribbean region. Nowadays, many tourists visit the city in searching for pleasant time and a lot of fun.

Nature Lovers: You can visit the National Park “Punta Sal”, Honduras. The nature is magnificent and you can see many dolphins playing in secret bays, monkeys hanging from the trees and many other incredible animals and views. It is really great cultural and natural adventure.

Historical Sites: You can also visit the famous ruins of Copan, another great discovery and proof about the greatness of the Mayan civilization. Giant sculptures and magical ruins will make you think about the values in life and you will definitely change your opinion about the surrounding world. It will be a little bit hard for you to reach the ruins because they are hardly accessible, but believe me, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Honduras WeatherHonduras Climate:
The favorable climatic conditions in Honduras make the country one of the leaders in the production of tropical fruits. You can visit many banana plantations and see with your own eyes how is developed the production process. You can learn many stories about the great past of the country. You can also swim and rafting in many of the Honduras rivers. The conditions are perfect for such kind of extreme sports, the only problem you maybe will face is the carrying of all the gear and boats. But do not worry too much. You can hire the local people to help and guide you. It will not cost you a lot of money, because as you probably know, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America. This is the reason why you will save a lot of money for hotels and transportation. You can find many products ten times cheaper than in your country. The standard is different and this is great benefit for you. Cheap and amazing vacation.

As you see, there are many great and beautiful places in Honduras. Plan your summer vacation there and you will face the wonderful past of the Mayan Empire in its modern shape. Honduras is a great country with beautiful nature and friendly people. Be ready for adventure.

Iguassu Falls, Argentina Brazil

Looking for travel information on Iguassu Falls, Argentina? Read the Iguassu Falls travel guide before you go.

Iguassu Falls, Argentina/Brazil:
Some of the most spectacular sights in South America lie on the border of Argentina and Brazil in the form of the horseshoe-shaped Iguassu Falls. The result of ancient volcanic eruptions, the falls are a UNESCO world natural heritage site. They are taller than Niagara and twice as wide, made up of 275 cascades spread over nearly two miles. Prepare to be astounded by the huge volume of water thundering down in a spectacle that famously led Eleanor Roosevelt to say “Poor Niagara”.

Iguassu Falls Brazil

Major attractions:
The Iguassu forest, Devils throat, the nearby Jesuit ruins, Itaipu Dam, Bird Park, The Three Landmarks.

Things to do at Iguassu Falls:
Thrill-seekers can go kayaking or even white water rafting; the less adventurous can take a boat ride underneath the falls. A helicopter tour over the falls will give you an unforgettable perspective; and be sure to take a Full Moon Walk.

Iguassu Falls Hotels:
Book Iguassu Falls hotels, Iguassu Falls resorts and accommodation near Iguassu Falls, Argentina.

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Milford Sound, New Zealand

Thinking of going on honeymoon vacation to Milford Sound, New Zealand? Go through our Milford Sound tour tips before you arrive the destination.

About Milford Sound:
Milford Sound is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty: mountain peaks, glacial lakes and majestic waterfalls together making up the glacier-carved Fiordland National Park. It also has the dubious honour of being the wettest place in New Zealand and one of the wettest in the world, with over 182 days of rain every year. Seeing its soaring peaks, cascades and lush rain forests is a unique and unforgettable experience. The National Park is also home to a varied assortment of flora and fauna including penguins, dolphins and seals.

Milford Sound New Zealand
Major attractions in Milford Sound, New Zealand:
The Underwater Observatory, South Westland World Heritage Area, The Chasm, Mirror Lakes.

Things to do when you are at Milford Sound, New Zealand:
Nature lovers and outdoor types will never run out of things to do and see in Milford Sound. Start by taking a cruise around the fiords, drive the breathtaking route down Milford Road, walk to the Key Summit or why not get a different perspective with an air tour around Mitre Peak?

Climate and When to Go:
Milford Sound is a uniquely beautiful destination at any time of year. In the Summer (Dec- Feb) average temperatures are between 68-70F and long twilights allow relaxed lakeside strolls. Winter (Jun-Aug) is cool, crisp and clear and brings out the area’s glacial beauty, but there is a danger of avalanches. Spring and Autumn are both mild and comfortable. Do remember this is the wettest place in New Zealand so you will need to plan for rain all year round!

Milford Sound Hotels:
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Iceland, Europe

Are you planning to visit Iceland, Europe? Take a look the Iceland tour guide before you leave.

Iceland is located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Arctic Circle. It is an island owned by Europe. This island has an area of over 39,000 sq. feet. This large area makes it the world’s 18th largest island. It is filled with active volcanoes and geysers. Over half of the island is tundra. It was recently nominated the most developed and wealthiest country in the world.

Iceland AttractionsIceland Attractions:
Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and largest city. It is the trendiest city in the world, due to the bright colors and advanced architecture. The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring. It’s a milky-blue spa located 47km from the capital, Reykjavik.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland:
Thingvellir Iceland
The Thingvellir National Park is part of the World’s Heritage list and is a very interesting place to visit. At this park, two of the world’s platonic shelves are being ripped apart, the North-American and the European. Between September and April the Northern Lights are very visible and beautiful.
Gullfoss: If you are a nature lover who loves hiking, you can also enjoy a glacial hike or Iceland’s famous waterfall, the Gullfoss.
Gullfoss Iceland

Iceland WeatherIceland Climate: Winter runs from November to March. Iceland HouseThe average low temperature is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer is from April to October with an average high temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The water on the islands coast usually remains ice free throughout the year.
The traditional Icelandic houses are constructed with turf roofs. You can see a turf house in Iceland on the image on right side.
An interesting feature about Iceland is that during their summer months they get a lot of daylight, up to 22 hours of light in June. But in the winter they have very few hours of daylight, only 4 hours of light in December and January.

Iceland FactsIceland Tourism Information:
The population of Iceland is 320,000. Their official language is Icelandic, which is a German-Nordic based dialect. English and Danish are popular secondary languages. 81% of the population is Lutheran.
Transportation: The airport is in Reykjavik, Iceland uses cars to travel, they have no railways. Cuisine is based on dairy, fish and lamb items

Iceland Hotels:
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Lake District, England

Are you going to Lake District, England? Read our Lake District travel information before you go.
The Lake Districts is located in Northwest England. It is also know as The Lake and Lakeland. It is a mountainous region with many bodies of water. Of all the lakes in Lake District, only one of them has the word “lake” in the name. All the rest refer to the bodies of water as meres, waters, or reservoirs.

Lake District
There are 88 lakes in Lakeland. The Lake District has an area of 2000 sq. km.

Lake District AttractionsLake District Attractions:
The Lake District is a popular place to travel for the holidays. Obviously the major attractions are all of the lakes. A huge National Park was formed in 1951, called Lake District National Park. The deepest lake in the park is 243 feet deep! Other than its natural sights, Lake District has become popular in the poetry world. William Wadsworth wrote a poem based on a lake in the Lake District.

Troutbeck Lake DistrictHills and Valleys: Lake District which is the mountainous region of United Kingdom, offers beautiful sceneries to tourists. The stunning natural beauty of peaks and valleys is a feast for nature lovers.
On the right side is a photograph of Hills Of Troutbeck in Lake District England. If you are planning for a quiet and cosy honeymoon Lake District in UK is an excellent choice.

Lake District ClimateLake District Climate: Lake District is one of the wettest part of England. Reports show an average annual rainfall of over 80 inches. Because of the location of Lake District, some areas can get an average of 200 inches a year, and the other side of the region may only get 60 inches that same year. March and June are considered to be the dry months, while October to January is the wettest. The region has a maritime climate. Average temperature in the winter is 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer is 59 degrees.

Lake District FactsLake District Facts & Figures: Cumbria, the county that Lake District is in has a population of 500,000 people. The National Lake District Park alone has over 42,000 people living within its boundaries. The official language in Lake District is English, although many residents have started their own dialect and added several words. The currency being used is the Pound Sterling, which one is equivalent to 1.6 USD.

Lake District Hotels:
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