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Manhattan, USA

Getting ready to visit Manhattan, USA? Check out our Manhattan travel guide before you leave.

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Yosemite National Park, USA

Are you planning your next vacation at Yosemite National Park, USA? Go through our Yosemite National Park travel guide before you arrive the destination.

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Hawaii, USA

Planning to visit Hawaii, USA? See our Hawaii travel information before you leave.
Hawaii – the dream islands
Hawaii is the United States of America’s newest state and the only one comprised entirely of islands. It is a favorite place for vacation among the Americans and because of its location and weather tourists pour from all over the world all year round. The Hawaiian island chain is comprised of hundreds of islands, with Hawaii being the largest of them all. The capital, Honolulu, is however on the island of O’ahu.

Hawaii Beach
Hawaii ClimateHawaii Climate:
Hawaii is located in the mid-Pacific Ocean. Due to its location in the tropics weather is warm all year round, making it the perfect destination for that winter holiday. Often volcanic eruptions are of interest to geologists from all over the world. Yet nothing beats the clear azure waters, the sunny blue skies and golden sandy beaches of these islands of paradise.

Hawaii AttractionsHawaii Attractions: Hawaii, because of its attractive location, has become a major tourists spot, and sports hundreds of hotels offering thousands of commodities. Whether one wants a house on the beach or a luxurious penthouse, the traveler can find anything to suit their taste. Hula Dancers It is a choice location for surfers with many surfing tournaments taking place there during the dry season.
Hawaiian Hula Dance:
The hula dancers have become a staple in Hawaiian culture, wearing bright skirts with floral designs and often displayed in cartoons with coconut bras. Watching beautiful dancers moving their body along the rhythm of Hawaiian music is a great experience.

Flora & Fauna:
For the tourists looking to explore the flora and fauna of the islands there are plenty of options. Humpback whale migrations are a primary point of interest and happen during December.
Hawaii Turtles

Hawaii Honeymoon:
Hawaii is the honeymoon location of choice for many newlyweds because of its remote private beaches that sport small houses right near the waterfront.

Hawaii Honeymoon Travel
Hawaii Food:
Hawaii is popular with its cuisine that largely contains sea food and fruity flavored dishes. Restaurants to visit are Alan Wong’s restaurant, Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurant, the Mala Ocean Tavern in Maui and many others.

Hawaii Pics:
Hawaii Molokini Hawaii Pics

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San Francisco, USA

Going to San Francisco, USA? Check out our San Francisco tour information before you leave.

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Florida Keys, USA

Going to Florida Keys, USA? Take a look the Florida Keys travel information before you leave.

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Los Angeles, USA

Looking for travel information on Los Angeles, USA? Take a look our Los Angeles travel information before you arrive the destination.
Los Angeles is perhaps the most famous city in the world. Dubbed as the city of angels, it is home to many of today’s celebrities, the world centre of movie making and of course – Hollywood. LA is a place where dreams come true and many people reach world wide popularity through acting, singing and art. It is also an important tourist destination.

City of Lights: Los Angeles City at Night
Los Angeles

Los Angeles AttractionsLos Angeles Attractions:
LA tourist attractions and things to do in Los Angeles.Hollywood, Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ most famous neighborhood is of course Hollywood. People visit it hoping to see famous celebrities and sometimes they actually get lucky. Among the popular landmarks are the Stars’ walk of fame – a sidewalk with different stars incorporated in the pavement, the enormous Hollywood sign that rests on Hollywood hill and the Hollywood Bowl. Madame Tussauds, Los Angeles

Madame Tussaud:
Newer attractions include the Hollywood and Highland entertainment center and Madame Tussaud’s Museum of Wax figures which exhibits wax figures of today’s celebrities.

Los Angeles Shopping:
The city of angels is a prime choice for shoppers from all over the world. Featuring dozens of shopping malls, boutiques and shopping districts, it is the place for every shopaholic to get their shopping fix. The Grove and the Third Street Promenade are among the more popular shopping locales.

Los Angeles Dodger StadiumThere are approximately sixteen museums in the Los Angeles area, each hosting different exhibits of different interest such as Art, History, Culture, Science, Nature and others. Among them are the Museum of Natural History, host to the world’s largest tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Griffith Observatory and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Lost Angeles is a city with busy night life and offers a variety of bars and clubs for the younger demographic.

Los Angeles ClimateLA Climate: Located in southern California its climate is warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging in the teens through high thirties. Because California is well known for its tectonic activity, earthquakes can often be felt, sometimes bordering on the brink of being destructive.

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Orlando, USA

Thinking of going to Orlando, USA? Take a look at the Orlando tour information before you arrive the destination.
Orlando is undoubtedly most famous as the location of the magical Disney World, loved by children and adults alike. It is also the home of the Universal Studios theme park and the Kennedy Space Centre, site of the US shuttle launch. Not surprisingly, all of this goes to make Orlando one of the most visited cities in the United States with something to delight visitors of every age and interest.
Disney World
The Disney World, Orlando. Children all over the world love Disney.

Major Attractions of Orlando:
Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove, The Epcot Centre, Cirque du Soleil.
Harry Potter Theme Park
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park, Orlando.

Things to Do in Orlando
Go surfing at Daytona Beach or, if you’re feeling brave, sit on the back of a real ‘gator at ‘Gatorland! See the world-famous Orlando scenery from the air on a balloon ride, or take an airboat tour of the nearby Florida Everglades. Experience the joy of swimming with the manatees at Crystal River and, whatever you do, don’t leave Orlando without shaking hands with Mickey Mouse himself!

Climate and When to Go
Orlando enjoys a tropical climate with year-round high temperatures and humidity. Temperatures peak in the 90’s in Summer, while Spring, Autumn and Winter tend to be more comfortable. Go prepared for rain if you’re visiting between Spring and the end of October.

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St Pete Beach, USA

Getting ready to visit St Pete Beach, USA? See our St Pete Beach tour guide before you leave.

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Oahu, USA

Have you been to Oahu, USA? Read our Oahu tour tips before you go.

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Las Vegas, USA

Are you planning your next vacation at Las Vegas, USA? Take a look the Las Vegas travel information before you go.

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